My Favorite Things

Broken twigs, Germany, crickets, #2 pencils, dusty rocks, canvas bags, tatty notebooks, England, guitar picks, tripods, all things Harry Potter, the nation of Norway, matches, scissors, camping, soup, the month of October, tree leaves, lakes, bumper stickers, the rustic smell of pipe tobacco, history, mountains, ceramic bowls, blinds, the 4th string of a guitar, jazz music, airports, commas, Sharpie markers, sunflower seeds, the music of Elliott Smith, the Compass Rose, felines, pavement, the general store, 1940s, Montana, garage bands, the letter E, Converse Chucks, Bob Dylan, fonts, words like “why?” and “yes!”, bricks, paint, Humphrey Bogart, cracked camera lenses, ivy, 2:45am, clouds, the missing key to any situation, coffee, sleeping in a cold room so that my blanket means something to me, noon on a Saturday, sitting Indian style, newspaper ads that don’t matter to me, art museums, $0.99 Taquitos at QT, Wyoming, Yoo-hoo chocolate milk, hookahs, tea leaves, candle wax, sweaters, slippers, snow, fireplaces, glasses on girls, my bust of Beethoven, thunderstorms, petrichor, log homes, Amsterdam, ski lodges, Miles Davis, architecture, massage therapy, photography, classical music, rain, absinthe, the city, the Beatles, black and white, autumn, Volkswagen buses, writing, Netflix, motorcycles, typewriters, skyscrapers, historic buildings, rivers, cobblestones, my mortar and pestle, obscure paperbacks, tobacco tins, snuff boxes, brocade robes, a snifter full of brandy, cuff links, turtles, globes, puzzles, Alfred Hitchcock, my bamboo blinds, my wife’s sweet ass, progressive rock from the 70s, fedoras, Heisenberg, incense, Westeros, the spice, Settlers of Cataan, Marilyn Monroe, Edwardian fashion, sleeping in late with my cats and my wife, Zen, existentialism, Borders bookstores (still mourning them), lingerie, pea coats, run-on sentences, handlebar mustaches, sculpture, ripples and folds in space/time, pianos, fire, tater tots, Pepsi, Sega Genesis, Cary Grant, art deco, jive talk, film noir, the word “esoteric,” sturdy headboards, brown eyes, winter clothes, pizza, trivia, rescuing bees trapped in windows, rum, port wine, Jack the Ripper lore, cuddling, Zeno of Citium, baseball, genealogy, the “truth,” the Zapruder film (not for the gore but for the historicity), the Thames, Sir Walter Raleigh, daylight savings time, Jane Austen, boobs, space heaters, Istanbul, Downton Abbey, Bette Davis, hardwood floors…


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