Poem: “Daily Tasks”

I have much to say and still more to hear,
With less to impart and nothing to fear.
I have lessons learned at the hand of another
Who weeps for the first and laughs at the other.
I have words to announce and statements to make,
And nothing I say is said for love’s sake.

I have much to learn and more to forget,
And less to remember and sons to beget.
I have feelings laid at the door of tomorrow,
With yesterday’s news and some sister’s sorrow.
I have vows to declare and more vows to break,
And nothing I do is done for hate’s sake.

I have much to yet do and more to destroy,
With less to construct and little for joy.
I have scars within the innermost place,
That hallway where no one and nothing takes place.
I have prayers to answer and sins to commit,
Gods to slay, and two wrists to slit.

Taken from my book, In Absentia, a Book of Poems and Verses.

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