Poem: “Pretty Thing”

There is love in your eyes,
And escape in your contours.
There is truth in your smile,
Indeed, no one’s is like yours.
Nothing about you is wasted on me.
To me you’re the picture of absolute beauty.

There’s a quality of healing
I have found in your curves.
Perfection surrounds you
That no one deserves.
And yet for reasons that I still don’t see,
You’ve chosen to bestow this beauty ‘pon me.

There is light in your hair,
There is warmth in your laughter.
I could die in your arms
And be alive ever-after.
It’s like you’re the planet’s last remaining rose.
You’re the highest of angels and no one comes close.

There’s a depth to your mind,
And a world in your heart.
The outside’s amazing,
But still the best part
Is that the woman you are on the inside surpasses
All the feminine beauty to be found ‘mong the masses.

Taken from my book, In Absentia, A Book of Poems and Verses.


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