A Brief Word on the Penis.

For those readers who do not have a penis, you will never understand what it is like to be driven by one. Unless I’m very much mistaken, a woman’s arousal doesn’t suck the blood away from her brain. But when a man gets aroused, his penis fills with blood. That’s what makes it hard. This means his brain is being deprived of blood and, thus, oxygen. A brain without enough oxygen begins to shut down. Ergo, it could be accurately said that every time a man has a boner, he becomes significantly stupider than he was before the boner. And this is the fault of biology, mind you, not the man. It’s not like he can control where his blood goes. So now you have this man with a raging hard-on, and you’re expecting him to make rational decisions and good choices at a moment when his brain isn’t running on full capacity?

This is folly.


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