A Brief Word on Boobs.

Speaking of anatomy, let me pontificate for a moment on the female breasts. What a fascinating topic these are! What’s interesting is that all of the straight men I’ve ever known loved boobs, and most of the women I’ve talked to also like boobs. I think the only demographic that doesn’t like boobs are gay men. And even then, it may not be that they dislike boobs per se, it could be that they’re just indifferent to them. I think I’d like to speak with a person who vehemently does not like boobs. The mental processes of such a person, while baffling, would be of great interest, I think, to humanity.

I sometimes wonder about boobs in the animal kingdom. One time my girl cat’s mammary glands, after she gave birth to a litter of kittens, swelled up with cat milk. She seriously had the feline version of a rack happening. I just wonder if my boy cat got all hot and bothered when she walked by. You know, did he lose some blood to the brain the same way I would do if some bulbous jugs were paraded in front of me? Or is it just a human thing? See, this is what the experts need to be studying. There should be more academic interest regarding boob arousal in the mammal world. But then not everyone is as deep and curious as me.

I’m mostly an ass man (obsessively so), but sometimes there’s nothing in the world as comforting as resting my head between two welcoming breasts. Ah, such felicity!

That’s all. I’m done now.


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