A Brief Word on Sex.

It’s been said that women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex. It’s also been said that women are picky about whom they sleep with because, on some mental/genetic level, they realize they have only a finite amount of eggs to dish out, while men sleep with pretty much everything because they have infinite supply of sperm. Whether or not these statements are rooted in fact, I have something to add to them. Two things, really.

The first is aimed at women.

Women, I think the word “slut” is a synonym for “brave” and “free” and “empowered.” It takes very little courage to remain celibate because you’re worried about your reputation in a world of people with bad reputations, but it takes a shit-ton of courage to fuck around like a man and not give a shit. It takes a lot of courage to live exactly the way you want without caring how you’re judged by the idiots of this world. Food for thought.

The second is aimed at men.

Men, I think the women in your life would be putting out a hell of lot more if you finally got it through your head that the female orgasm is 90% based on what’s going on in a woman’s mind, and only 10% based on what you’re doing. So get into her mind, strangely mixing kindness and love with confidence and solid sexual skills, somehow blending tenderness with aggression. That’s hard to do, I admit. Oh, and really, really listen to this part now: that 10% based on what you’re doing? It has less to do with your dick than it does clit stimulation. For the love of Christ, learn that already.

I have spoken.


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