Poem: “Intimacy”

You can’t hide you away from me.
I see unseen things you can’t see.
My mind is a riddle your God left behind,
My heart is a word humans haven’t defined,
Your love is an echo that’s beating in kind,
Like stripping all leaves from a tree.

You can’t listen to thoughts I won’t speak.
I have three cracks, but only two of them leak.
My pain is an arrow that knows where to strike.
My wounds are a splinter, my pride is a spike.
Your body upon me would break like a dike,
Flooding water and drowning the weak.

You can’t ponder what I won’t show.
I know things that no one should know.
This life is question that dying implies,
While death is an answer that certainly lies,
And somewhere between there are laughter and sighs,
But in the end, there’s nowhere to go.

You can’t steal me away from your past,
My future’s behind me and coming ‘round fast.
You thought you could break me, but now you discover,
The tables have turned ‘pon you and your lover,
And death in air like a blanket does hover,
As you come to know me at last…

…and see me as I really am…

…and tremble.


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