Poem: “A Brief Sexual Encounter”

I start off slow, but when I want you, you’ll know.
I start out on top. I start it, then stop.
I withdraw. Start again.
My sexuality’s the definition of “sin.”
A little deeper, then stop again.
I’m toying with you; I can break you anytime I want to.
I’m holding back, building the need.
I can make you quiver or make you bleed.
You’re craving my seed.
At last, I break in, in and out and in again.
Over and over, with rhythm still checked.
You aren’t the first or the last ship I’ve wrecked.
I flip you over, you’re on your knees…
This is the part where you better beg “please!”
Take your medicine like a good girl.
I come in from behind – your ass is mine.
I’m going to activate you.
I’m going to desecrate you.
No mercy now. The nice man is gone.
You’ll be shaking and weeping and bruised when I’m done.
No mercy. No mercy.
Faster. Harder. HARDER. FASTER.
Scream into the pillow that I am your master.
Hair is for pulling, an ass is for slapping.
Your body is mine for the fucking and tapping.
The explosion is coming…
And you’re fucked so hard your future children can feel it…

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