The Unnecessary Essays

De-Chirico_Muse-metafisiche-B_l-002.jpgnonfiction / essays / random
the strangest assortment of literary bullshit this side of Huxley

These are the unnecessary essays. They are not essential. They have nothing of real importance to convey, and thus should not really be read by anyone… unless, of course, you’re interested in understanding the conditions and problems of reality and the world through which we all must limp—in which case you might actually find something of relevance here.

The Unnecessary Essays is a compilation volume in which writer Michael Vito Tosto has assembled some his best (or worst?) meandering ramblings on whatever happened to be plaguing his mind on any given day. Embark on your own introspective quest as you consider the themes and questions found in this book; themes that touch every human being; questions that we all ask, questions about existence and happiness and meaning in life…

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