Letters From a Dissident Philosopher

adult-beanie-beard-coat-375880-003nonfiction / philosophical / essays
a book for thinkers, heretics, and hermits

​​In 2014, after having decided that the current state of the world no longer interested him, writer Michael Vito Tosto withdrew from society and went underground. And there he has remained ever since. While living in seclusion (with his wife and two cats), Tosto recorded his thoughts, reflections, and personal discoveries about life and reality in a series of notebooks. Much of that material has now been turned into essays and published in this volume.

Letters From a Dissident Philosopher can accurately be described as a book about nothing and everything. Some of the entries here are the mundane ramblings of a severely discontented artist, while others delve into the deepest reaches of philosophy, science, and the human condition. Intellectual, lyrical, soaked in restlessness and finished with a light shine of humor, the writings found in this volume will no doubt resonate in the mind of anyone who has asked the question: “What does it all mean?”

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