Portrait of an Infidel

SAM_1317-005nonfiction / atheism / religion / memoirs
the candid story of a regular man disowning a god

​A brutally honest memoir documenting one man’s journey through Christianity, his investigation into his beliefs, his subsequent rejection of faith, and his eventual embrace of atheism. A work that makes use of wit and humor, includes shades of philosophy and existentialism, brushes against the backdrop of science and cosmology, and is infused with the beauties and horrors of the human condition, Portrait of an Infidel is a weighty tour de force, an achievement of brazen humanity, a hauntingly poignant story of awakening and deliverance, and a compelling read that will encompass the reader in a chrysalis of intellectual introspection and personal reflection.

To read this book is to be changed, even if you still disagree when it’s over…

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