The Absurdity of God

scenic-view-of-night-sky-1019335-003nonfiction / atheism / religion / essays
a companion piece to Portrait

When Michael Vito Tosto published his atheistic memoir Portrait of an Infidel, much of his written research had to be edited out of the final draft. The Absurdity of God is a companion piece to Portrait, a place where all those edited bits of atheistic prose have now found a home. This is a must read for anyone who is going through their own deconversion process, or for anyone who has read Portrait and was left wanting more. Included in this short volume are essays and quick notes on atheistic topics ranging from the concept of “good,” to the incoherent nature of the Christian God, to the audacity of theism, to the evils of religious faith. And once again, the acerbity found in Portrait of an Infidel is present here. The Absurdity of God is an entertaining and insightful read, one that is sure to score with those who prefer logic to superstition.

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