The Offbeat Rhythms, Vol. 2

architecture-buildings-city-2404843-002fiction / drama / romance / classics / dysfunctional
a fucked-up love story for fellow defects

As a tragedy finally brings them into each other’s lives, Ben and Maggie must question their ability to put the past behind them and embrace the promise of a better future. And as the people in their lives face their own hardships and misfortunes, questions of life and fate and existence will bring the reader face to face with the stark truths of suffering, vulnerability, and the often unforgiving nature of reality.

The second installment of The Offbeat Rhythms is darker, heavier, and laced with deeper shades of philosophy than its precursor. Enter the world of New York in 1980 to find raw characters grappling with the difficulties of real life in this literary breakthrough.

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